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Topic 1: General and mathematical aspects

New understanding of collective modes and thermodynamics of liquid and supercritical states
Kostya Trachenko
Effective Drifts in Generalized Langevin Systems
Soon Hoe Lim
Rejection-free cluster Monte Carlo in arbitrary external fields
Jaron Kent-Dobias, James P Sethna
Microscopic derivation of particle-based coarse-grained dynamics: Exact expression for memory function
Sergei Izvekov
Correspondence between Phase Oscillator Network and Classical XY Model with the Same Random and Frustrated Interactions
Tatsuya Uezu
Chemical potential formalism for polymer entropic forces
Cheng-Hung Chang
Transforming Generalized Ising Model into Boltzmann Machine
Nobuyuki Yoshioka, Yutaka Akagi, Hosho Katsura
Beyond Derrick’s theorem: vortex mass in the three-dimensional XY model
Gesualdo Delfino, Alessio Squarcini
Random walks with helicoidal persistence in three dimensions
Hernán Larralde, François Leyvraz
Numerical simulations study of a spin-1 Blume–Emery–Griffiths model on a square lattice
Luciana Melina Luque, Santiago Andres Grigera, Ezequiel Vicente Albano
Thermalization of integrable Hamiltonian systems.
Kirill Glavatskiy, Vladimir Kulinskii
Statistical properties of Hamiltonian systems at negative absolute temperatures
Marco Baldovin, Andrea Puglisi, Angelo Vulpiani
The exact phase diagrams for a class of left-permeable asymmetric exclusion processes
Arvind Ayyer, Caley Finn, Dipankar Roy
On the mechanism behind the inverse melting in systems with competing interactions
Lucas Nicolao, Alejandro Mendoza-Coto, Rogelio Díaz-Méndez
The square lattice Ising model on the rectangle
Fred Hucht
Efficient and universal learning of Gibbs distributions
Marc Vuffray, Sidhant Misra, Andrey Lokhov
Platonic Field Theories
Riccardo Ben Ali Zinati, Alessandro Codello, Giacomo Gori
Hydrodynamic limit and fluctuations for a mean field opinion model
Monia Capanna, Inés Armendariz, Conrado da Costa, Pablo Ferrari
Convergence theorems in an equilibrium interaction model
Farida Kachapova
Exact solution of the six-vertex model on triangular subdomains of the square lattice
Arvind Ayyer, Roger E. Behrend, Ilse Fischer
Dimensionally regularized Boltzmann-Gibbs statistical mechanics and two-body Newton's gravitation
Javier Zamora, Mario Carlos Rocca, Angel Plastino, Gustavo Ferri
Fractional number of particles in molecular domains: statistical physics foundations
Roberto Carlos Bochicchio
Stochastic Variational Method for Quantum Hydrodynamics and Navier-Stokes Equation on Spacetime Riemannian Manifolds
Tomoi Koide, Takeshi Kodama, Elvis Soares
Quantum Resonant Tunneling through Double Barrier Systems of In-Plate Graphene Nanoribbon/h-BN Heterojunctions
Mitsuyoshi Tomiya, Shoichi Sakamoto, Masahiro Ishii, Wataru Shibuya
Proof of non-integrability of S=1/2 XYZ chain with a magnetic field
Naoto Shiraishi
Magnetic models from ab initio simulations. A methodological revision.
Juan Mauricio Matera, Carlos Alberto Lamas, Arles Gil Rebaza, Victoria Fernandez, Leonardo Errico
On the interface tension and the roughening transition of the Ising model
Elmar Bittner, Andreas Nussbaumer
Nonequilibrium physics in the XXZ model and spin-flip asymmetric conserved quantities
Chihiro Matsui
Estimating mutual information of discrete variables with limited samples
Damian G. Hernandez, Ines Samengo
Ordered metastable states in the Potts model and their connection with the superheated solid state
Felipe Moreno
Non-existence of Bose-Einstein condensation in Bose-Hubbard model in dimensions 1 and 2
Jacek Jerzy Wojtkiewicz, Wieslaw Pusz, Piotr Stachura
Supersymmetric Spherical Spins with Short-Range Interactions
Ladislau Vieira Teixeira Tavares, Lucas Gabriel dos Santos, Paula Fernada Bienzobaz, Pedro Rogério Sérgi Gomes
Supersymmetric Quantum Spherical Spins
Lucas Gabriel dos Santos, Ladislau Vieira Teixeira Tavares, Paula Fernanda Bienzobaz, Pedro Rogério Sérgi Gomes
Integrability in Models of Quantum Tunneling
Daniel Schneider Grün
Nonlocal kinetic equations and their long time behavior
Juan Pablo Pinasco
A Nematic phase on the 2D J1-J2 Ising model
Leonardo Garibaldi Rigon, Lucas Nicolao
Information-geometric structures derived from group relative entropies
Mariela Portesi
Uniqueness of the quasi-stationary distribution of the subcritical contact process
Franco Arrejoria, Pablo Groisman, Leonardo Rolla
Phase boundaries and universality in solvent dependent polymer adsorption in three dimensions
Chris Bradly
Phase Transition in the Coagulation-Fragmentation Kinetics
Pavel Dubovski
Scale invariance implies conformal invariance for the three-dimensional Ising and O(N) models
Nicolás Wschebor
Conformal invariance in O(N) models
Gonzalo De Polsi, Matthieu Tissier, Nicolás Wschebor
Partition function zeros of p-state clock model in the complex temperature plane: the higher-order tensor renormalization group study
Seongpyo Hong, Dong-Hee Kim
An exact power series representation of the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff formula
Jordan C. Moodie, Martin W. Long
On the critical magnetic correlations of the Ashkin-Teller model with a line defect
Carlos M. Naón, G. Duchowney, Aníbal Iucci
Multiple Exclusion Statistics
Julián José Riccardo, José L Riccardo, Pedro M Pasinetti, Antonio J Ramirez-Pastor
Entropic Dynamics on Statistical Manifolds
Pedro Pessoa, Ariel Caticha
Power laws and maximum entropy
Pedro Pessoa, Selman Ipek
Schroedinger's Unrecognized Probability Theory and Second Law of Thermodynamics induced by Symmetry Close to PT-symmetry
Tomoi Koide
Replica symmetric formulas and inference in tensor factorization problems
Nicolas Macris
Lattice SUSY and the DiSSEP
Desmond Alexander Johnston
General multi-well integrable models with correlated hopping
Juliana Harmatiuk, Arlei Prestes Tonel, Leandro Hayato Ymai, Jon Links, Angela Foerster
Smallest and solvable neural network to learn the Ising criticality
Dongkyu Kim, Dong-Hee Kim
Transient Quantum Processes toward Classical Structure - Through squeezed state and coherent state -
Masahiro Morikawa
Vortex-pair fluctuations at temperatures above the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition
Mingyu Fan, Karla Galdamez, Gary A. Williams
Non-Markovian dynamics revealed at the bound state in continuum
Savannah Garmon
Gaussian random permutation and the boson point process
Sergio Andrés Yuhjtman, Pablo Augusto Ferrari, Inés Armendáriz
Theory of resources for systems that exchange quantum information
Juan Mauricio Matera, Dario Egloff, Thomas Theurer, Martin Bodo Plenio
Nematic Phases and Kosterlitz-Thouless Phase Transitions in the Ising model with Long-range Interactions
Marisa Alejandra Bab, Gustavo Pablo Saracco
Infinite cascades of transitions in systems without conventional local orders
Gennady Chitov, Pavel Timonin
The details are in the devil: Maxwell’s demon in the real world
John Bechhoefer
Minimal models for chaotic quantum dynamics in spatially extended many-body systems
John Chalker
Conservation Laws in Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics
Massimiliano Esposito
Ferromagnetic Membranes
Steffen Trimper

Topic 2: Out-of-equilibrium aspects

Optimizing dissipation in active matter: dynamical phase transitions, clustering and collective motion
Etienne Fodor
Thermodynamic bounds on current fluctuations
Patrick Pietzonka
Coarsening and percolation in phase-ordering kinetics
Federico Corberi, Leticia F. Cugliandolo, Marco Picco, Ferdinando Insalata
A protocol for reaching equilibrium arbitrary fast in systems coupled with heat baths
Tunable Mass Separation via Negative Mobility
Jakub Spiechowicz
History dependent behavior and percolation in random sequential adsorption of linear k-mers.
Robert M. Ziff
Critical behaviour of thermal machines
Alberto Imparato
Theory of quantum quenches near criticality
Gesualdo Delfino
Out-of-time-order fluctuation-dissipation theorem
Naoto Tsuji
Active interfaces: a universal approach
Francesco Cagnetta, Martin Richard Evans, Davide Marenduzzo
Convergence of the Large Deviation Function: Finite-Time and Population-Size Scalings and Breakdown in the Large System Size Limit
Esteban Guevara Hidalgo
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of 2d fluid vortices
Yan Levin
Improving Rare Event Sampling with Functional Estimators for Optimal Dynamics from Deep Learning
Tom Oakes, Adam Moss, Juan P Garrahan
Experimental observation of the depinning transition in magnetic systems
Sebastian Bustingorry
Coexistence of model A and critical percolation universality classes in the ordering kinetics of twisted nematic liquid crystals
Renan A. L. Almeida, Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
Exact confirmation of the nonlinear fluctuating hydrodynamics for a two species asymmetric exclusion process
Tomohiro Sasamoto, Iori Hiki, Zeying Chen, Jan De Gier
How to deal with hidden degrees of freedom in stochastic thermodynamics?
Jannik Ehrich, Marcel Kahlen
Current-mediated synchronization of a pair of beating non-identical flagella
Victor Dotsenko, Anna Maciolek, Gleb Oshanin, Oleg Vasilyev, Siegfried Dietrich
Large Fluctuations in anomalous transport and the Big Jump Principle
Raffaella Burioni, Alessandro Vezzani, Eli Barkai
Coarse-grained collisionless dynamics in long-range-interacting systems
Lapo Casetti, Guido Giachetti
Topological transitions in oscillatory driven systems
Marcel Gabriel Clerc
Current fluctuations in reset processes: phase transitions and applications
Rosemary Jane Harris, Hugo Touchette
Quantum relaxation and metastability of lattice bosons with cavity-induced long-range interactions
Ferenc Igloi
Fluctuations in a NESS: is there a universal behavior ?
Alex Fontana, Ludovic Bellon
Interface Collisions
Fabio D A Aarao Reis, Olivier Pierre-Louis
The Stochastic Uncertainty Principle
Jean-Charles Delvenne, Gianmaria Falasco, Massimiliano Esposito
Phase transitions of self-propelled particles with memory
Matthieu Labousse, Maxime Hubert, Stéphane Perrard, Nicolas Vandewalle, Yves Couder
Intermediate statistcs in the Landau Diamagnetism problem
Andre Afonso Araujo Marinho, Francisco de Assis Brito
Application B-Anyons in Solids Model
Andre Afonso Araujo Marinho, Francisco de Assis Brito
Non-reversible aspects of nanoscale friction
Paola Carolina Torche, Tomas Polcar, Ondrej Hovorka
Modified Dyson gas with fusion events
Cristhian Eduardo González-Ortiz, Gabriel Téllez
Transport Phenomena of a Polymer in a Ratchet Potential
Marcela Veronica Reale
Steady-state thermodynamics and phase coexistence far from equilibrium
Ronald Dickman
Compatibility of linear-response theory with the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Pierre Marie Antoine Leite Nazé, Marcus V. S. Bonança
Analysis of Entanglement Dynamics in Quantum Heat Engines using a Spin-spin-boson Model
Ryohei Suzuki, Naomichi Hatano
Halfway between the classical scalar-field model and micromagnetism: simulating real domain wall dynamics experiments
Pamela Carolina Guruciaga, Nirvana Belen Caballero, Vincent Jeudy, Javier Curiale, Sebastian Bustingorry
Subordinated process in the Prey-Predator problem
Javier Quetzalcoatl Toledo-Marin, Francisco J Sevilla, Denis Boyer
Resonant Length of Random Walks in a Transient
Martin Falcke
Relaxation to Generalized Gibbs Ensembles in the thermodynamic limit
Takaaki Monnai
Physical swaps in the non-equilibrium dynamics of cold atomic systems
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ralf Metzler
Georgii Vladimirovich Kharlamov
Study of Non-equilibrium Transport Problems through Exclusion Processes
Atul Kumar Verma, Arvind Kumar Gupta
Out-of-equilibrium bidirectional transport processes with constrained entrances competing for limited resources
Atul Kumar Verma, Arvind Kumar Gupta
Critical dynamics of active field theories
Fernando Caballero Pedrero
Entropy production and the validity of the Vlasov equation for self-gravitating systems
Calvin Alexandre Fracassi Farias, Yan Levin, Renato Pakter
Mori-Zwanzig projection operator formalism for systems with time-dependent Hamiltonians
Michael te Vrugt, Raphael Wittkowski
Liquid-hexatic co-existence for 2d self-propelled dumbbells
Pasquale Digregorio, Leticia F. Cugliandolo, Antonio Suma, Giuseppe Gonnella, Isabella Petrelli
Dunkl jump processes: relaxation and a phase transition
Sergio Andraus
Thermodynamics of Chemical Waves
Francesco Avanzini, Gianmaria Falasco, Massimiliano Esposito
Dynamical collective memory in fluidized granular materials
Andrea Plati
Dissipation and Driving Stabilize Quantum Metastable States
Bernardo Spagnolo
Path integral formalism for multiplicative noise stochastic processes
Zochil Gonzalez Arenas, Daniel Gustavo Barci, Miguel Vera Moreno
Environmental noise in abrupt absorbing phase transitions
Marcelo M. de Oliveira
Phononic heat transport and pumping in systems with long-ranged interactions
Natalia Beraha, Florencia María Carusela, Alejandro Soba
Transport phenomena in a coupled ratchet model with fluctuating interactions
Elías Mérida, Marcela Veronica Reale, Lilia Romanelli
Measuring the roughness exponent of magnetic domain walls in disordered media
Pamela Carolina Guruciaga, Daniel Jordán, María José Cortés Burgos, Nirvana Belén Caballero, Lucas Albornoz, Sebastian Bustingorry, Mara Granada, Javier Curiale
Thermal conductivity in nanopatterned Si membranes: statistical aspects of the equilibration stage .
Agustin Matias Mancardo Viotti, Maria Florencia Carusela, Alejandro Gabriel Monastra
Non linear fluctuating hydrodynamic theory applied to a stressed anharmonic chain in 3D
Alejandro G. Monastra, M. Florencia Carusela, Roberto Barreto
AC dynamic reorganization and non-equilibrium phase transition in driven vortex matter
Mariano Marziali Bermúdez, Gabriela Pasquini
Dynamics of the Spin-1/2 Ising two-leg ladder with plaquette interaction and transverse field
Wescley Luiz de Souza, Paulo Henrique Lana Martins, Érica De Mello Silva
Dissipative charging of a quantum battery
Felipea Barra
A dumbbell model as a self-propelled particle
Oscar Andrés Paredes Altuve, Felipe Barra
Generalized Green-Kubo relations for active fluids
Sara Dal Cengio, Demian Levis, Ignacio Pagonabarraga
Modulated phases in a driven lattice gas model
Maxim Lavrentovich, Ronald Dickman, Royce Zia
Fluctuation theorems for the undriven Duffing oscillator
Roberto Raúl Deza
Energy landscape approach to reaction networks
Daniel Maria Busiello, Paolo De Los Rios
Non-equilibrium efficiency study of organic solar cells using stochastic thermodynamics
Alessio Gagliardi, Waldemar Kaiser
Thermodynamic uncertainty for run-and-tumble type processes
Mayank Shreshtha, Rosemary J Harris
Transient magnetic domain wall AC dynamics studied by MOKE imaging
Pablo Exequiel Domenichini, Cynthia Quinteros, Mara Granada, Sophie Collin, Jean Marie George, Javier Curiale, Sebastian Bustingorry, Maria Gabriela Capeluto, Gabriela Pasquini
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of linear electrical circuits
Jose Nahuel Freitas
Fluctuation Theorems for Systems without Stationary PDF: KPZ case
Horacio S. Wio, Miguel A. Rodriguez
Effects of dipolar interactions on the energy barrier of magnetic nanoparticles
Marcelo Salvador, Lucas Nicolao, Wagner Figueiredo
Quantum Calculation of the Nonequilibrium Heat Capacity in the Resonant Level Transport
Tomas Novotny
Dynamic domain heterogeneity in the Ising model
Amanda de Azevedo-Lopes, André R. de la Rocha, Jeferson J. Arenzon
A Study on the Fluctuations Induced by Finite Thermal Baths
Arthur Mendonça Faria
Markovian approximation for self-propelled particles
Yongjoo Baek
Numerical evidence of Hatano-Sasa equality
Wilmer Jose Diaz Acosta, Ronald Dickman
Correlations as a resource in quantum thermodynamics
Federico Cerisola, Facundo Sapienza, Augusto José Roncaglia
An information picture of the Coulomb interaction between localized charge carriers
Waldemar Kaiser, Alessio Gagliardi
Irreversibility and multiple coupling in non-equilibrium systems
Daniel Maria Busiello, Deepak Gupta, Amos Maritan
Negative differential response of chemical reaction currents
Gianmaria Falasco, Tommaso Cossetto, Emanuele Penocchio, Massimiliano Esposito
Effects of a magnetic field on the dynamics of the one-dimensional Heisenberg model with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions
Maria Eugênia Silva Nunes, Érica de Mello Silva, Paulo Henrique Lana Martins, João Florêncio, João Antônio Plascak
Renormalization-group analysis of activity-induced phase separation in a system of hot and cold particles
Andreas Hanke
Critical percolation in early-stage quench dynamics with spontaneous discrete symmetry breaking in a two-dimensional continuum
Hiromitsu Takeuchi, Leticia F. Cugliandolo, Marco Picco
Martin-Siggia-Rose formalism in wave turbulence theory for an elastic plate.
Ignacio Pavez
Minimal dissipation in processes far from equilibrium
Marcus Bonança, Sebastian Deffner
Reduction to Markovian dynamics: The case of aging in the noisy voter model.
Raul Toral
Stochastic thermodynamics and information geometry
Sosuke Ito
Non-equilibrium Generalized Langevin Equations
Hugues Meyer, Thomas Voigtmann, Tanja Schilling
From diffusion experiments to mean-field theory simulations and back
Marisel Di Pietro Martínez, Miguel Luis Hoyuelos
Dynamical criticality in open systems: non-perturbative physics, microscopic origin and direct observation
Carlos Pérez-Espigares, Federico Carollo, Juan P. Garrahan, Pablo I. Hurtado
Exactly solvable two-terminal heat engine with asymmetric Onsager coefficients: Origin of the power-efficiency bound
Hyunggyu Park, Jae Sung Lee, Jong-Min Park
Swimming modes of self-assembled magnetic micropropeller
Carles Calero, José Manuel García-Torres, Francesc Sagués, Ignacio Pagonabarraga, Pietro Tierno
Steady-state entropy:
Leonardo Ferreira Calazans, Ronald Dickman
Effective temperature in systems of active Brownian particles
Isabella Petrelli, Giuseppe Gonnella, Leticia F. Cugliandolo
The critical behavior of the Entropy production in irreversible models with C symmetry
Oscar Alberto Barbosa Bohorquez, Tânia Tomé Martins de Castro
Universal interface fluctuations for absorbing-state phase transitions
Yohsuke T. Fukai, Keiichi Tamai, Hiroki Yamaguchi, Tetsuya Hiraiwa
Non-equilibrium transport in junctions using bosonization
Nayana Shah, Carlos Bolech
Loopy Lévy flights enhance tracer diffusion in active suspensions
Kiyoshi Kanazawa, Tomohiko Sano, Andrea Cairoli, Adrian Baule
Fluid Transport through Functionalized (-COOH) Carbon Nanopores
Veronica Muriel Sanchez
The Juggling Soliton
Maria Belen Barraza, Camila Sandivari, Nicolas Mujica
Non-equilibrium dynamics and stationary states of the Neumann classical integrable model after an interaction quench
Emilio Nicolas Nessi, Leticia Cugliandolo, Gustavo Lozano
Mariano Martín
Lessons learned about the use of steered molecular dynamics simulations in the calculation of free energy profiles
Mehrnoosh Arrar, Fernando Boubeta, Ezequiel Lorenzo, Rocío Contestin Garcia, Maria Eugenia Szretter, Dario Estrin, Mariela Sued, Daniela Rodriguez, Leonardo Boechi
Thermodynamics of nonadditive systems: the unconstrained ensemble
Stefano Ruffo, Ivan Latella, Alessandro Campa, Lapo Casetti, Agustin Perez-Madrid

Topic 3: Quantum fluids and condensed matter

Scaling properties of the matrix product states in the one-dimensional Hubbard model
Min-Chul Cha
Entanglement Hamiltonian of Interacting Fermionic Models
Francesco Parisen Toldin, Fakher F. Assaad
Holographic methods for complex systems
matteo baggioli
The isotropic-nematic quantum phase transition in the presence of magnetic fields
Daniel G. Barci, Eduardo H. Fradkin
Skyrmions and vortices in antiferromagnetic frustrated chiral magnets
Santiago Antonio Osorio, Mauricio Bernardo Sturla, Héctor Diego Rosales, Daniel Carlos Cabra
Cooling by Quantum Measurements
Alessandro Cuccoli, Lorenzo Buffoni, Andrea Solfanelli, Paola Verrucchi, Michele Campisi
Fractionally quantized Berry phase in spin-1/2 frustrated Heisenberg model
Shin Miyahara
Topological quantum phase transition between Fermi liquid phases in an Anderson impurity model with an anisotropic spin-1 configuration
Germán G. Blesio, Luis O. Manuel, Pablo Roura Bas, Armando A, Aligia
Anomalous Hall effect and spontaneous Chern insulators in the kagome lattice
Héctor Diego Rosales, Flavia Alejandra Gómez Albarracín, Pierre Pujol
A coherent nanomechanical oscillator driven by single-electron tunneling
Natalia Ares
Nematicity in superconducting underdoped Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2
Juan Schmidt, Victoria Bekeris, Gustavo S. Lozano, María Victoria Bortulé, Mariano Marziali Bermúdez, Clifford W. Hicks, Paul C. Canfield, Eduardo H. Fradkin, Gabriela Pasquini
The Stabilization of Monopole Matter in Ising Pyrochlores
Demian Slobinsky, Lucas Pili, Gabriel Baglietto, Santiago Grigera, Rodolfo Borzi
Central Hypothesis of Irreversibility: a quest for emergent intrinsic decoherence and thermalization in many-body quantum chaos through the Loschmidt Echoes and OTOCs
Horacio Miguel PASTAWSKI, Horacio PASTAWSKI
Time scales at quantum phase transitions
Francisco de los Santos
Metamagnetic quantum criticality in CePtIn4
Debarchan Das, Daniel Gnida, Piotr Wiśniewski, Alicja Hackemer, Dariusz Kaczorowski
Multithermal-multibaric molecular simulations from a variational principle
Pablo Miguel Piaggi, Michele Parrinello
Universal scaling behavior of volume-law entanglement in scrambled pure states
Yuya O Nakagawa, Masataka Watanabe, Hiroyuki Fujita, Sho Sugiura
Classical order by disorder: a theoretical study towards its detection in a real frustrated system of magnetic monopoles
Pamela Carolina Guruciaga, Rodolfo Alberto Borzi
Dewetting hole shapes in strongly anisotropic solid films
Anna Maria Nóbrega Chame
Alvaro Rubio Garcia, Elias D. Rios, Diego R. Alcoba, Jorge Dukelsky, Ofelia B. Oña, Pablo Capuzzi, Gustavo E. Massaccesi, Alicia Torre, Luis Lain
Entanglement and critical phenomena in spin systems under nonuniform fields
Norma Beatriz Canosa, Marco Vinicio Cerezo, Raul Dante Rossignoli, Carlos Alberto Lamas
Fermionic entanglement in superconducting systems
Raúl Dante Rossignoli, Marco Di Tullio, Nicolas Gigena
Effect of quantum fluctuations in non trivial skyrmion textures
Martín Tomé, Héctor Diego Rosales
Determination of Adsorption-Induced Deformation of Microporous Carbons due to Adsorption of a Binary Gas Mixture by Monte Carlo simulation.
Valeria Cornette, Rodrigo Delgado Mons, Raúl López
Theory of Sliding ^4 He Atoms on Graphite Substrate
Kentaro Sugimoto, Mamoru Matsuo
Entanglement over the rainbow: statistical mechanics of the area law
Silvia Noemi Santalla
A two structure mean field theory for liquid-liquid phase transitions
Maria Licia Farias, Marco Aurélio Barbosa
Multiple spin liquid phases in the bilayer honeycomb lattice
Flavia Alejandra Gómez Albarracín, Héctor Diego Rosales, Mauricio Bernardo Sturla
Classical Kitaev - J1-J2 model in the honeycomb lattice
Juan Piccinini, Flavia Alejandra Gómez Albarracín, Héctor Diego Rosales
Field induced topological phases in the kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
Martin Emilio Villalba, Flavia Gomez Albarracin, Hector Diego Rosales, Daniel Cabra
Effects of potential models on nitrogen adsorption on triangular pore: energetic characterization of activated carbon.
Rodrigo Delgado Mons, Valeria Cornette, Juan Toso, Raul Lopez
Toulouse points and refermionization of the Kondo lattice model with electronic interactions
Tomas Sebastian Bortolin, Alejandro Martin Lobos, Nayana Shah, Carlos Jose Bolech, Anibal Iucci
Critical phenomena of O(2) x Z2 Symmetry Breaking in Extended Kagome XY Antiferromagnets
Nobuo Furukawa, Sho Okazaki, Daisuke Yamamoto
Noris Melis De la Cruz Feliz, Nelphy De la Cruz Felix, Denia Marlenis Cid Perez, Aneika Luna Martinez
Andreev-Shiba states in interacting one-dimensional superconducting nanowires
Tomas Sebastian Bortolin, Anibal Iucci, Alejandro Martin Lobos
Modulated Phase Structure on the Vannimenus Model
Anthony João Bet, Tadeu Emanuel scalvin, Marcelo Henrique Romano Tragtenberg, Lucas Nicolao
Disordered quantum phases in the frustrated Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the honeycomb lattice
Marcelo Arlego, Carlos Lamas, Hao Zhang
Multicritical points in the Underscreened Anderson Lattice Model under pressure and magnetic field
Sergio Garcia Magalhaes, Eleonir Calegari, Peter Riseborough
The Polarized Monopole Liquid: a Coulomb phase in a fluid of magnetic charges
Rodolfo A. Borzi, Lucas Pili, Demian Slobinsky
Ordering and entangled dynamics of oxygen vacancies and charges in CeO2-x
Gustavo Ezequiel Murgida, María Verónica Ganduglia Pirovano, Ana María Llois, Valeria Ferrari, Dawei Zhang, Zhong-Kang Han, Yi Gao
Vortex-loop calculation of the specific heat of superfluid 4He under pressure
Andrew Forrester, Gary A. Williams
Investigating the nature of a geometrically frustrated material: spin-ice.
Santiago A Grigera
Loop Models, Modular Invariance, and Three Dimensional Bosonization
Eduardo Fradkin
Size effects in the ground state of an ultrathin magnetic film model
Ernesto Selim Loscar, Claudio Maximiliano Horowitz
Domain-area distribution in phase-separating two-component Bose-Einstein condensates
Hiromitsu Takeuchi
Description of fermionic quantum fluids using matrix products
Carlos J. Bolech
Critical transition between 2D and 3D flows in quantum turbulence
Nicolás Pablo Müller, Pablo Daniel Mininni
Control of tunneling in a triple-well atomtronic switching device
Karin Wittmann Wilsmann
The fate of hyperuniform vortex patterns at the surface of type II superconductors
Federico Elías, Jazmín Aragon Sanchez, Gonzalo Rumi, René Bolecek, Raúl Maldonado, Gladys Nieva, Marcin Konczykowski, Yanina Fasano, Alejandro Kolton
Low temperature and field studies on the Spin Ice Materials Dy_2Ti_2O_7 and Ho_2Ti_2O_7
Lucas Pili, Pamela C Guruciaga, Demian Slobinsky, Rodolfo A Borzi, Santiago A Grigera, Alexander Steppke, Clifford W Hicks
Connecting superfluid dynamics experiments with the point vortex model in two dimensions
Matthew John Davis
Onsager Vortices at Negative Temperatures
Tapio Simula, Rahil Valani, Philip Starkey, Christopher Billington, Shaun Johnstone, Andrew Groszek, David Paganin, Matthew Davis, Kristian Helmerson
Topological phases in quasi one-dimensional spin-1/2 systems
Nair Sophia Aucar Boidi
Surprising transport phenomena in magnets
Lucile Savary

Topic 4: Disordered and glassy systems

Heterogeneities in thermal and viscoelastic response of a glass
Jean-Louis Barrat
Dynamics of supercooled liquids: from infinite to three dimensions
Marco Baity Jesi, David R. Reichman
Solvable Models of Supercooled Liquids at the Avoided Mode-Coupling-Theory Transition
Tommaso Rizzo, Thomas Voigtmann
The Growth of the Spin Glass Correlation Length: comparing experimental CuMn data with results from the Janus II supercomputer.
Victor Martin-Mayor
Size dependence of localized dynamic fluctuations in glassy relaxation
Gustavo Appignanesi
Intermittent collective dynamics of domain walls in the creep regime
Alejandro B. Kolton
Amorphous plasticity: from atomic to mesoscopic scale
Damien Vandembroucq, Botond Tyukodi, Armand Barbot, Matthias Lerbinger, Anaël Lemaître, Sylvain Patinet
Long-wavelength fluctuations and anomalous breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation in two dimensions
Yanwei Li, Zhao-Yan Sun, Kun Zhao, Thomas Mason, Massimo Pica Pica Ciamarra
Random laser theory: mode-locking in random media and replica symmetry breaking in {\em glassy light} lasers
Luca Leuzzi, Fabrizio Antenucci, Giacomo Gradenigo
Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of particle systems in infinite dimension
Elisabeth Agoritsas, Thibaud Maimbourg, Francesco Zamponi
State Variables for the Glassy State: Numerical Studies of Amorphous Ice
Nicolas Giovambattista
Reaching for the Bottom: New Particle-Resolved Approaches to Probe Deep in the Energy Landscape
Christopher Patrick Royall
Top eigenpair statistics for weighted sparse graphs
Pierpaolo Vivo, Vito Antonio Rocco Susca, Reimer Kuehn
A jamming transition controls the landscape in deep learning
Matthieu Wyart
A clustered spin-glass with long range disordered interactions
Rubem Erichsen, Alexandre Silveira, Sergio Magalhaes
An invasion percolation model for the study of fluid injection driven fracturing in weakly consolidated granular media
Paula Alejandra Gago, Raphael Blumenfeld, Peter King
Energy transport within the "pasta" regime in neutron star matter
Claudio Dorso, Guillermo Frank, Alejandro Strachan, Jonathan Dunn
The anharmonic Larkin model
Víctor Hugo Purrello, José Luis Iguain, Alejandro B Kolton
Viscoelasticity and dynamical gaps: rigidity in crystallization and glass-forming liquids
Javier Quetzalcoatl Toledo-Marin, Gerardo G Naumis
Voltage statistics of variable-range hopping transport
Toshiaki Hayashi, Yasuhiro Tokura, Akira Fujiwara
Searching for the shape that maximises saturated random sequential adsorption packings
Michał Cieśla
Random sequential adsorption kinetics for several two-dimensional shapes placed on a one-dimensional line
Michał Cieśla
The dimensional crossover in spin-glasses: from bulk systems to thin films
Ilaria Paga
Excess Wing Physics and Nearly Constant Loss in Glasses
R. Hilfer
p-spin cluster in a random network
Alexandre Silveira
Random sequential adsorption of hard polyhedra of tetrahedron symmetry
Piotr Kubala
Diffusion of a bidisperse system of particles in a quasi-one-dimensional channel: The crossover between one-and-two-dimensional diffusion.
Paulo Marcelo Centres, Sebastian Bustingorry
Spectral properties of the Barrat-Mézard model on sparse networks
Diego Andrés Tapias, Peter Sollich
Jamming and percolation in random sequential adsorption of straight rigid rods on bilayer square lattices
Nelphy De la Cruz Felix, Paulo Marcelo Centres, Antonio J. Ramirez-Pastor
Specific Heat and nonlinear susceptibility of a quantum spin glass under uniform transverse and random longitudinal magnetic fields
Sergio Garcia Magalhaes, Fabio Zimmer, Carlos Alberto Morais
Inertia and universality of avalanche statistics: The case of slowly deformed amorphous solids
Ezequiel E Ferrero
Multiple types of Aging in Dense Active Matter
Rituparno Mandal, Peter Sollich
Hard plates on a cubic lattice.
Geet Rakala, Kedar Damle, Deepak Dhar
Criticality in Discrete Dislocation Plasticity
Mikko Alava
Universal behaviors of low temperature thermal properties for ordered and disordered solids, and amorphous materials.
Andrzej S. Jezowski, Alexander I. Krivchikov, Michael A. Strzhemechny
After the trail of a true ground state in spin ice
Mariano Marziali Bermúdez, Santiago Andrés Grigera
Relaxation and aging in rapidly jammed glasses
Stefan Boettcher
How to calculate two-particle four-point space-time correlations in 1D and 2D systems of repulsive Brownian particles
Takeshi Ooshida, Susumu Goto, Takeshi Matsumoto, Michio Otsuki
Spatiotemporal Patterns in Ultraslow Domain Wall Creep Dynamics
Ezequiel E Ferrero
Static and dynamic critical exponents in elastoplastic models of amorphous solids
Ezequiel E Ferrero
Dynamic Heterogeneities and Stokes-Einstein relation from models of Generalized hydrodynamics
Shankar Prasad Das, Neeta Bidhoodi
analysis of the full replica symmetry breaking equation for spin glass on Random Regular Graph
Francesco Concetti
Domain walls beyond the elastic approximation
Nirvana Belén Caballero, Thierry Giamarchi
Clogging versus Jamming in Obstacle Arrays
Charles Reichhardt
Non-equilibrium Percolation
Hans Herrmann
Magnetic critical behavior, magneto-caloric response and magneto-transport phenomena in Fe- Co-based metallic glasses
Andrés Rosales-Rivera, Rafael Felipe González-Sánchez, Abilo Velásquez-Salazar, Jessica López-Tabares, Nicolás Antonio Salazar-Henao, Juan Carlos Hernández-Parra, Diego Fernando Gómez-Montoya, Fabio Daniel Saccone
Jamming and percolation of dimers on a restricted valence random sequential adsorption process
Alexandre Penteado Furlan, Robert Ziff, Ronald Dickman
Connectivity between structure and dynamics in glass-forming liquids
Limei Xu
Safronov-Dubovski Coagulation Equation with Quasi-Binary Collisions
Pavel Dubovski
Brittle to ductile transition in silica glass nanofibers
Ezequiel E Ferrero
Geodesics on random surfaces
Silvia Noemi Santalla
Linear and non-linear responses in glasses: relating theory and experiments
David Yllanes
On the role of wide flat minima in multi-layer neural networks
Enrico Maria Malatesta, Carlo Baldassi, Carlo Lucibello, Gabriele Perugini, Fabrizio Pittorino, Riccardo Zecchina
Exact results for quenched disorder at criticality
Gesualdo Delfino
Quantum Glass of Interacting Bosons with Off-Diagonal Disorder
Anna M. Piekarska, Tadeusz K. Kopeć
Counting the learnable functions of structured data
Pietro Rotondo, Marco Cosentino Lagomarsino, Marco Gherardi
Chaotic Size Dependence in disordered systems: a numerical construction of the Metastate in spin glasses
Javier Moreno
On the effect of an external field in barrier-tunneling in glassy dynamics
Isidoro González-Adalid Pemartín
Amorphous materials with broad mechanical noise
Jack Parley, Peter Sollich
Emergent dimerization and localization in disordered quantum chains
Andre Vieira, José Abel Hoyos
Criticality and avalanches at the yielding transition of amorphous solids under deformation
Ezequiel E Ferrero
Fluctuating relaxation rates, exchange times, and predicting the time dependence of the dynamic susceptibility of glass formers
Rajib Pandit, Elijah Flenner, Horacio Castillo
Mechanical rigidity and the duality of networks in jammed granular packings
Deshpreet Singh Bedi, Bulbul Chakraborty
Statistical physics of learning a rule: A decades old story continued
Lenka Zdeborová
The Role of Shape in Determining Packing Efficiency in Random Apollonian Packings
Gary W Delaney, Tomaso Aste

Topic 5: Biological physics

Active wetting and fingering of epithelial tissues
Ricard Alert, Carlos Pérez-González, Carles Blanch-Mercader, Manuel Gómez-González, Tomasz Kolodziej, Elsa Bazellières, Jaume Casademunt, Xavier Trepat
Protein Non-folding as a Regulatory Phenomenon
Carlos J. Camacho
RG-inspired approaches to networks of real neurons
William Bialek
Dynamic critical behaviour of an inertial flocking model
Tomás S. Grigera, Andrea Cavagna, Luca Di Carlo, Irene Giardina, Giulia Pisegna
Low dimensional models and experiments to study neural dynamics in songbirds
Ana Amador, Santiago Boari, Gabriel B. Mindlin
Friction forces position the neural anlage
Silvia Grigolon
Specialisation and plasticity in a primitive social insect: a collective phenomenon
Steffen Rulands
Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of genomic proteins from computer simulations
Adiran Garaizar
Nonequilibrium correlations in minimal dynamical models of polymer copying
Jenny Marie Poulton
Dynein catch bond as a mediator of codependent bidirectional cellular transport
Sudipto Muhuri, Palka Puri, Nisha Gupta, Sameep Chandel, Supriyo Naskar, Anil Nair, Abhishek Chaudhuri, Mithun Mitra
A critical threshold for the reorientation of the cortical microtubule array
Marco Saltini, Bela Mulder
Gene conversion and evolution on rugged fitness landscapes
Lev Tsimring
Protein as amorphous evolving matter
Tsvi Tlusty, Jean-Pierre Eckmann
Enhanced rotational diffusion of microswimmers in polymer solutions
Kai Qi, Gerhard Gompper, Roland Georg Winkler
Collective behaviour and waves in populations of cells which ensure homeostasis
Christophe Deroulers
Pathwise analysis for a structured population dynamics and its application to inference of cell states
Yuki Sughiyama, So Nakashima, Tetsuya J. Kobayashi
Nonlinear memory functions for subnetwork dynamics in gene regulatory networks
Edgar Herrera Delgado, James Briscoe, Peter Sollich
Spontaneous oscillations, beating patterns, and synchronization of active microfilaments
Brato Chakrabarti, David Saintillan
Transition in relaxation paths in allosteric molecules: enzymatic kinetically constrained model
Tetsuhiro S Hatakeyama, Kunihiko Kaneko
Aggregation of discoidal particles due to depletion interaction
Carles Calero, Ignacio Pagonabarraga
Diffusible crosslinkers cause superexponential friction forces
Harmen Wierenga, Pieter Rein ten Wolde
Free energy landscapes of melatonin and other small-molecules bound to zwitterionic cell membranes
Jordi Marti, Huixia Lu
Dynamics of sedimenting active Brownian particles
Jérémy Vachier
Critical coarsening in a model of bacterial competition inside a channel
Takuro Shimaya, Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
Juliana Reves Szemere, Alejandra Cristina Ventura, Rocio Celeste Balderrama, Constanza Sanchez de La Vega
Straintaxis: cell migration driven by substrate deformation gradients
Susana Belén Márquez, Rodrigo Soto, Miguel Concha, German Reig
A Model for Breast Cancer Diversity and Heterogeneity
Guillermo Ramirez-Santiago
A new computational scheme for evaluation of standard free energy of binding for biomolecular systems with umbrella sampling simulations and the variational principle
Jung-Hsin Lin
Extended Cell Model for Active Matter: Phase diagram
Emanuel Fortes Teixeira, Heitor Marques Fernandes, Leonardo Gregory Brunnet
A negative feedback is enough to tightly regulate a pulse of gene expression in bacterial conjugation
Saúl Ares, Wilfried J.J. Meijer
Cell-cell and Cell-noise Interactions of Bacterial Cells in a Shallow Circular Pool and Transitions of Collective Motions
Jun-ichi Wakita
Model for Run and Tumble motion and regulatory mechanism of enteric flagellated bacteria
Guido Fier, Lautaro Vassallo, David Hansmann, Ruben Carlos Buceta
Correlation of cellular traction forces and dissociation kinetics of adhesive protein zyxin by means of multidimensional microscopy
Lorena Sigaut, Micaela Bianchi, Lía Isabel Pietrasanta
Patterns of nitrogen-fixing cells in cyanobacteria
Javier Muñoz-García
Rumor propagation meets skepticism: A parallel with zombies
Marco Antonio Amaral, Jeferson J. Arenzon
Quantitative estimation of kinetic rates of ligand binding to heme proteins from molecular dynamics simulations
Mauro Bringas, Leandro Lombardi, Dario Ariel Estrin, Javier Luque, Luciana Capece
Maximum entropy models for codon and amino acid abundances in genomes and proteomes
Ignacio Enrique Sanchez
Effective medium approximation in random networks of microchannels used as a model for diffusion in biological systems
Maria Luisa Cordero, Washington Ponce
Plectoneme dynamics in braided polymers
Giada Forte
Macroscopic description of neural ensembles
Gonzalo Uribarri, Santiago Boari, Ana Amador, Gabriel B. Mindlin
Obtaining entropic contributions to biocatalysis
Federico Nicolás Pedron, Ari Fernando Zeida Camacho, Francisco Javier Luque Garriga, Dario Ariel Estrin
Measuring motility of soil bacteria in microfluidic porous media
Moniellen Pires Monteiro, Sofía Montagna, Veronica Marconi, Aníbal Lodeiro, María Luisa Cordero
Potential landscape description of motor proteins
Michael W Jack, Nazul Jared Lopez-Alamilla, Katharine J Challis
Role of nonlinear growth and dispersal in population pattern formation
Vivian Dornelas, Eduardo Henrique Filizzola Colombo, Celia Anteneodo
Impact of Cooperation in Two-Species Microbial System
Jin-Hyeon Kim, K.-I. Goh
Multi scale (QM-MM) exploration of biochemical processes using biased molecular dynamics simulations
Jonathan Alexis Semelak, Ari Zeida, Madia Trujillo, Dario Estrin
Role of cell deformability in the two-dimensional melting of biological tissues
Yanwei Li, Massimo Pica Ciamarra
Bistability in the Apoptosis Caspase Network
Sol Maria Fernandez Arancibia, Luis Guillermo Morelli
The effects of urea on protein stability: The role in the dehydration of the counterions
Carlos Gastón Ferrara, Yanis Ricardo Espinosa silva
The recognition of the weak. Using an information-based model to uncover recognition and regulation of splicing sites.
Ariel Chernomoretz
How do single cells encode information? Statistical analysis of stem cells noisy signaling.
Fiorella Fabris, Dhruv Raina, Christian Schröter, Luis Guillermo Morelli
finding influential nodes for integration in brain networks using optimal percolation theory
Gino Del Ferraro
Prediction of speech impairment caused by brain tumor using graph theory and functional magnetic resonance
Gino Del Ferraro
Statistical properties of a nonpolarized active tissue
Fernanda Pérez, Rodrigo Soto
Dynamics of Periodic Contraction in Cell Adhesion
Andre Luis Brito Querino, Adriano Mesquita Alencar
Cell flux control at cell colony-medium tilted interfaces
Nicolás Eduardo Muzzio, Miguel Ángel Pasquale, Lía Isabel Pietrasanta, Omar Azzaroni, Alejandro Jorge Arvía
Structure and Dynamics of Water at the Interface with Phospholipid Membranes
Giancarlo Franzese, Carles Calero
Antimicrobial Peptides Interaction with Model Membranes Sampled by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
MONICA PICKHOLZ, Natalia L Cancelarich, Carmen Domene, Mariela M Marani
Cellular reprogramming dynamics follow a simple one-dimensional reaction path
Sai Teja Pusuluri, Horacio Emilio Castillo
Stochastic Thermodynamics of Ribosome: A network theoretic perspective
Annwesha Dutta, Gunter M. Schütz, Debashish Chowdhury
The transport cycle of Escherichia coli lactose permease (LacY) in a non-homogeneous random walk model
Yan Borges Barreto, Adriano Mesquita Alencar
Federico Sevlever, Juan Pablo Di Bella, Alejandra Cristina Ventura
Proteins are solitary! Pathways of protein folding and aggregation in homogenuos and heterogenous solutions
Valentino Bianco
Light dependent cellular motility induces pattern forma- tion in confinement
Jérémy Vachier
A lattice model for malaria transmission: mean-field approach
Adriana Gomes Dickman
A stochastic theory for replicative senescence.
Alejandro Jose Fendrik, Lilia Romanelli, Ernesto Rotondo
Transporting flexible cargoes along microtubules: a 2D model
Agustina Fernández Casafuz, Luciana Bruno
How flows might change genetic nucleation theory
Giorgia Guccione
Studying the limitations of Michaelis Menten approximation to describe the response to pulsatile inputs
Juliana Reves Szemere, Alejandra Cristina Ventura, Horacio Rotstein
Kinetic model for the cell folate cycle
David Hipólito Margarit, Alexei Vazquez
Information content in stochastic pulse sequences of intracellular messengers.
Alan Matías Givré, Silvina Ponce Dawson
Robustness in spatially driven bistability in signaling systems
Juan Ignacio Marrone, Débora Tenenbaum, Hernán E. Grecco, Alejandra C. Ventura
Solvable model of a spatially extended Brownian ratchet
Anthony Wood, Richard Blythe, Martin Evans
Tumor aggressiveness relates to jamming dynamics in epithelial monolayers
Paulo Casagrande Godolphim, Bibiana Matte, Aline Lütz, Gilberto Thomas, Rita de Almeida, Marcelo Lamers, Leonardo Brunnet
Hydra regeneration: a view from active matter
Leonardo Gregory Brunnet, Aline Lütz
A dynamic preferred direction model for the self-organization dynamics of bacterial microfluidic pumping
Daniel Svenšek, Harald Pleiner, Helmut R. Brand
Self-propelled Vicsek particles at low speed and low density
Maria Leticia Rubio Puzzo, Andres De Virgiliis, Tomas S. Grigera
Nonlocal growth and kinetic roughening in biological systems: bacterial colonies and cell aggregates
Silvia Noemi Santalla
Fronts Propagationand formation of domains in ecological communities
Pablo Mardones
Universality of clone dynamics during tissue development
Steffen Rulands
Collective strategies and cyclic dominance in asymmetric predator-prey spatial games
Annette Cazaubiel, Alessandra Lütz, Jeferson J. Arenzon
Mesoscopic population equations for spiking neural networks with synaptic short-term plasticity
Valentin Schmutz
A new coarse-grained model for the investigation of 3D chromatin organization
Stephen Farr
Stochastic modeling of intracellular transport performed by kinesin and dynein motor proteins
Gina Monzon, Lara Scharrel, Stefan Diez, Ludger Santen
Theoretical Modeling of Hydrophobin Adsorption Kinetics at the Air-Water Interface
neda safaridehkohneh, Hendrik Hähl, jonas Heppe, Karin Jacobs, Ludger Santen
An adaptive gravity model for interactions in insect swarms
Dan Gorbonos, James Puckett, Kasper van der Vaart, Rui Ni, Michael Sinhuber, Nicholas T. Ouellette, Nir Gov
Trade-off relation between energetic costs and precision of molecular motors and their transport efficiency
Changbong Hyeon
On the architecture of genotype spaces and the dynamics of molecular adaptation
Susanna Manrubia
On the Border of Order: Chromosomal Organization in Space and Time
Olga Dudko
Predictive power of fMRI Dynamic Functional Connectivity in detecting Alzheimer’s disease via Machine Learning
Sebastian Moguilner
Geometric cues of bacteria cell-division regulating proteins revealed through microfluidic confinement
Chia-Fu Chou
Single-file water permeation by the antimicrobial lantibiotic peptide Mutacin 1140
Prem Chapagain, Rudramani Pokhrel, Nisha Bhattarai, Prabin Baral, Bernard Gerstman, Jae Park, Martin Handfield
Precise motor simulations assist silent reading
Alan Taitz
Modeling the role of the microbiome in evolution
Maximino Aldana
Computational Complexity in a criticality-coupled neural model
Marcelo Magnasco

Topic 6: Soft matter

Multiscale Wrinkling Patterns in Helicoidal Plywood Surfaces
Alejandro Daniel Rey, Ziheng Wang
Force Analysis in Polymer translocation
Alessandro Fiasconaro, Fernando Falo
Algorithm for the red blood cell morphology using a Helfrich model
Ernesto Hernández-Zapata, Luciano Martínez-Balbuena, Araceli Arteaga-Jiménez, Efraín Urrutia-Buñuelos
Can the collective behavior of colloidal particle ensembles embedded in soft elastic environments be described by statistical means?
Andreas M. Menzel
Phase separation in multicomponent liquid mixtures
Andrej Kosmrlj, Sheng Mao, Derek Kuldinow, Mikko Haataja
Maximum cumulant method for studying condensation-evaporation phase transitions
Gonzalo Joaquín Dos Santos, Daniel Humberto Linares, Antonio José Ramirez Pastor
Ion flocculation in water: from bulk to nano confinement
Marcia C Barbosa
A re-examination of the role of friction in the original Social Force Model.
Ignacio Mariano Sticco, Guillermo Alberto Frank, Fernando Ezequiel Cornes, Claudio Oscar Dorso
Finding the optimal nets for self-folding Kirigami
Nuno Araujo
Granular Gas Instabilities in a Gravitational Field
Gilberto Medeiros Kremer
Hydrodynamics of Active Lévy Matter
Andrea Cairoli, Chiu Fan Lee
Phase diagram of active disks in two dimensions.
Giuseppe Gonnella, Pasquale Digregorio, Demian Levis, Ignacio Pagonabarraga, Antonio Suma, Leticia F Cugliandolo
Curvature dynamics and long-range effects in soft fluids with suspended colloids
Adriano Tiribocchi
Universal power-law scaling of active nematic turbulence
Jaume Casademunt, Ricard Alert, Jean-François Joanny
Structural and dyamical properties of suspensions of star block-copolymers in shear flow
Manuel Camargo
Aggregation kinetics of a colloidal model for CSH with added polymers
Manuel Camargo
Geometric and chemical non-uniformity may induce the stability of more than one wetting state in the same hydrophobic surface
Davi Lazzari, Carolina Brito
Competition between entropy and energy in network glasses: the hidden connection between intermediate phase and liquid-liquid transition.
Javier Quetzalcoatl Toledo-Marin, Le Yan
Dissipative self-assembly of polymer blends into lamellae
Marcus Mueller, Louis Pigard
Line tension of domains in phospholipid monolayers
Luis Mederos, Enrique Velasco
Density--nematic coupling in isotropic linear polymers
Daniel Svenšek, Aleksandar Popadić, Rudolf Podgornik, Matej Praprotnik
Interrupted Motility Induced Phase Separation for aligning active colloids.
Olivier Dauchot
Loss of Memory in Dense Sheared Particulate Systems
Miro Kramar, Lenka Kovalcinova, Konstantin Mischaikow, Lou Kondic
Mechanical Properties of Drug Loaded Polymersomes: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Damián Grillo, Juan M.R. Albano, Esteban E. Mocskos, Julio C. Facelli, Mónica A. Pickholz, Marta Ferraro
Effetive models for grafted polymer nanoparticles in two dimensions
Murilo Sodré Marques, José Rafael Bordin, Thiago P. O. Nogueira, Marcia Cristina Bernardes Barbosa
Kinetic models of reacting dense fluids
Jacek Polewczak
Ionic Coulomb blockade as a fractional Wien effect
Nikita Kavokine, Sophie Marbach, Alessandro Siria, Lydéric Bocquet
Mechanical properties of macroscopic magnetocrystals
Marcos Salazar
ABC: Active Bound Colloids
Austen Bolitho, Ronojoy Adhikari
Curvature corrections to the nonlocal interfacial model for short-ranged forces
Jose Manuel Romero-Enrique
Thermodynamic and structural anomalies of water nanodroplets
Shahrazad Malek, Peter Poole, Ivan Saika-Voivod
Phase transitions in fluctuations and their role in two-step nucleation
Daniella James, Seamus Beairsto, Carmen Hartt, Oleksandr Zavalov, Ivan Saika-Voivod, Richard Bowles, Peter Poole
Phases, correlations and waves on active-particle flows with position- and velocity-based interactions
Cristian Huepe, Yinong Zhao, Pawel Romanczuk
Liquid-glass transition of water confined in a reverse micelle at ambient temperature
Hiroshi Murakami
Emergent conformational and dynamical properties in systems of active filaments
Thomas Eisenstecken, Roland Georg Winkler, Aitor Martin-Gomez, S. Mahdiyeh Mousavi, Gerhard Gompper
Diffusiophoresis of a weakly charged colloidal particle undergoing a surface chemical reaction
Tohru Okuzono, Tomotaka Seki, Akiko Toyotama, Junpei Yamanaka
Emergent Electrochemistry in Spin Ice: Debye-Huckel Theory and Beyond
Peter Holdsworth
Statistical mechanical sum rules for active colloids at surfaces - a touch of equilibrium
René Wittmann, Frank Smallenburg, Joseph Brader
Stick-slip dynamics of an intruder in a pack of disks: Effect of the substrate friction and packing fraction.
Ryan Kozlowski, Manuel Carlevaro, Hu Zheng, Lou Kondic, Luis A. Pugnaloni, Karen Daniels, Joshua E. S. Socolar
Simulations of Coulomb systems confined by polarizable surfaces using periodic Green functions
Matheus Girotto, Yan Levin, Alexandre Pereira dos Santos
Hyperuniformity on curved surfaces
Guillermo Jorge Zarragoicoechea, Ariel Germán Meyra, Enrique Lomba García, Salvatore Torquato
Modelling the Influence of the Magnetic Dipolar Interactions in the Behavior of Nanoparticle Systems
Kelin Arlena Tapia Villarroel, Marisa Alejandra Bab, Gustavo Pablo Saracco
Nonmonotonic behavior in the dense assemblies of active colloids
Natsuda Klongvesa, Felix Ginot, Christhophe Ybert, Mathieu Leocmach, Cecile Cottin-Bizonne
Activity induced delocalization and freezing in self-propelled systems
Lorenzo Caprini, Andrea Puglisi, Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi
Phase behavior and structure of a lattice model of microemulsions
Andres De Virgiliis
Computing polymer diffusio-phoretic mobilities
Simon Ramirez-Hinestrosa, Hiroaki Yoshida, Lydéric Bocquet, Daan Frenkel
Role of ion-specific steric and hydration interactions on the differential capacitance of an electrical double layer
Guilherme Volpe Bossa, Daniel Lucas Zago Caetano, Sylvio May, Sidney Jurado de Carvalho
Residual entropies and waterlike anomalies
Marco Aurélio Alves Barbosa, Eduardo Rizzatti, Maria Farias, Marcia Barbosa
Active diffusion and nutrient transport in bacterial carpets
Francisca Guzmán-Lastra, Arnold Mathijssen, Hartmut Löwen
On the spatio-temporal behavior of Elsässer variables in MHD turbulence
Rodrigo Lugones
Solvent coarsening around laser-heated colloids and related effective forces
Sutapa Roy, Juan Ruben Gomez-Solano, Ania Maciolek, Siegfried Dietrich
Wettability of reentrant surfaces: a global energy approach
Marion Silvestrini
Fast Algorithm for Diluted Dipolar Systems with and without External Field.
Daniel Alejandro Martin, Tomás Sebastian Grigera, Verónica Iris Marconi
Collective behavior of particles confined in a corridor: a comparative study with and without interactions
Juan Cruz MORENO, M. Leticia RUBIO PUZZO
The role of topological defects in the properties of a quasi-one-dimensional confined hard sphere fluid.
Mahdi Zarif, Richard Kerr Bowles
Evolution of instabilities in buckling processes
Alejandro G. Monastra, M. Florencia Carusela, Guido van del Velde, M. Verónica D'Angelo, Luciana Bruno
Creep dynamics of athermal amorphous materials: a mesoscopic approach
Ezequiel E Ferrero
Polymer translocation through wiggling channels
María Florencia Carusela, Paolo Malgaretti, José Miguel Rubí
Hard colloidal rods in complex confinement: density functional theory vs. experiment
René Wittmann, Louis Cortes, Christoph Sitta, Dirk Aarts, Hartmut Löwen
Stress-induced self-organization in networks of self-propelled agents.
Claudio Hernández
Phase coexistence induced by Marangoni flows in a monolayer of active particles
Mihail Popescu, Alvaro Dominguez
Diffusion and chemotaxis in a models of bacteria with non-Poissonian dynamics
Andrea Angélica Villa Torrealba, Rodrigo Soto
Transport of colloids along a wiggling channel
Andrea Soledad Gotting, Maria Florencia Carusela, Paolo Malgaretti, José Miguel Rubi
Application of modified PDMS surfaces on the formation of water-in-oil drops in microchannels in absence of surfactants.
Benjamin Oliva
Model of collective motion of filaments crawling on a surface
Ryota Shinagawa, Kazuo Sasaki
Application of Evolutionary Algorithms to the Design of Granular Materials for Tailored Behaviour Near to the Jamming Transition
Gary W Delaney
On the impact of controlled surface roughness shape on the slippage of a soft material
Andrea Scagliarini
Minimal model of bacteria with active diffusion and logistic growth
Yuting Li
Thermodynamics Cycles with Active Fluids
Tim Ekeh
Phase-separating colloidal mixtures: lattice-gas model, composition heterogeneities, and secondary quench
Pablo de Castro, Peter Sollich
Hyperuniform vortex patterns at the surface of type II superconductors
Alejandro B. Kolton
Active chiral particles under confinement: surface currents and bulk accumulation phenomena
Lorenzo Caprini, Umberto Marini Bettolo Marconi
Force network ensemble on a single grain: a Monte Carlo study reproducing experimental and simulation results
Manuel Antonio Cardenas-Barrantes, Jose Daniel Muñoz, William Fernando Oquendo
Decane and water mixture nanoconfined by planar, amorphous and hydrophobic walls
Carlos Gastón Ferrara, Tomas Sebastian Grigera, Ariel German Meyra
Critical phase behavior in multi-component fluid mixtures: Complete scaling analysis
Pablo de Castro, Peter Sollich
Collective Motion of Active Brownian Particles at High Densities
Thomas Voigtmann, Alexander Liluashvili, Julian Reichert, Suvendu Mandal
Rouse Dynamics of Topological Polymers Expressed with Graphs and Comparison with Experiments and Applications to Polymer Networks
Tetsuo Deguchi
Oscillatory Instabilities in Strained Frictional Granular Matter
Joyjit Chattoraj, Oleg Gendelman, Itamar Procaccia, Massimo Pica Pica Ciamarra
Solving the inverse problem: model-free measurement of the pair potential in colloidal fluids from particle coordinates
Adam Edward Stones, Roel P. A. Dullens, Dirk G. A. L. Aarts
Cluster-crystal phases in a system with repulsive soft-core interactions
Rômulo Cenci, Lucas Nicolao
Speeding up silo discharges
Marcos Andres Madrid
Photoisomerization process on a structurally modified dye dopant in a liquid crystal.
Gregorio González-Cortés
Phase transitions in finite concentration large-macroions dispersions
Marcelo Lozada-Cassou
Study of the Efficiency of Nanostructures for Water Desalination
Joao Pedro Abal, Marcia Cristina Bernardes Barbosa
Glass microshperes propelled by micrometric Ni particles in an aqueous medium driven by ellipsoidal AC magnetic fields
Guillermo Jorge, María Llera, Claudio Chiliotte, Victoria Bekeris
Liquid nano-patterning between apposing brushes under pressure
Claudio Pastorino, Yongwook Kim, Sergiy Minko, Marcus Müller
Clogging of particle mixtures trough narrow apertures: Effect of magnetic interactions
Marcos A. Madrid, Sebastián Bouzat, Manuel Carlevaro, Luis A. Pugnaloni, Marcelo Kuperman
Micromechanical theory of strain-stiffening.
Carlos Javier Villarroel
Solvent-dependent critical properties of polymer adsorption
Paulo H Lana Martins, João A Plascak, Michael Bachmann
Wall theorem for non-equilibrium confined fluids
Ignacio Urrutia, Iván Paganini, Claudio Pastorino
Pair formation in insect swarms driven by adaptive long-range interactions
Dan Gorbonos, James Puckett, Kasper van der Vaart, Michael Sinhuber, Nicholas T. Ouellette, Nir Gov
Random-packing of semiflexible rings as a model for soft matter systems
Nicolas Ariel Garcia, Leopoldo R. Gomez, Jean-Louis Barrat, Thorsten Poeschel
Viscoelasticity of lamellae-forming block copolymers
Nicolas Ariel Garcia, Jean-Louis Barrat
On the clustering of particles with repulsive interaction
Matheus de Mello
The emergence of multiple time scales in active matter
Bob Martin, Jos Zwanikken
Effect of different filling protocols in granular matter thermodynamic properties.
Marcos Andres Madrid
Analytical Results of the Extensible Freely Jointed Chain Model
Alessandro Fiasconaro, Fernando Falo
Deformation of quasi-two-dimensional drops traveling in a microchannel
Pablo Mardones
Entropy production of flocking
Øyvind Lossius Borthne
The flow of particles through orifices immersed in a viscous environment
Diego Maza
Stochastic field model for metric-free flocking
Eoin Ó Laighléis
Active Matter Mobility, Avalanches, and Jamming in the Presence of Quenched Disorder
Cynthia Reichhardt
About the vertical velocity profile of forced silos
Diego Maza
Critical Adsorption of Multiple Polyelectrolytes onto Oppositely Charged Nanospheres
Sidney Jurado de Carvalho, Daniel Lucas Zago Caetano, Ralf Metzler, Andrey G Cherstvy
Colloidal particle dynamic properties over a 2D Periodic Substrate system: A phase transition to steady-state distribution
amin najafi
Data driven simulation for pedestrian avoiding a fixed obstacle
Rafael Fernando Martin, Daniel Ricardo Parisi
Physical determinants of liquid-liquid phase separation of proteins mixtures
Jorge R. Espinosa
Solid-liquid transition of deformable active particles
Benjamin Loewe, Davide Marenduzzo, M. Cristina Marchetti
One hundred years of electrified interfaces: the Poisson-Boltzmann theory and some recent developments
David Andelman
Phase Equilibria in Motility-Induced Phase Separation
Alexandre Solon
Shear-induced pattern formation in attractive suspensions
Nicolas Taberlet
Towards the ultimate microscope: exploring the consequences of charge discontinuities at the nanoscale
Sara Dal Cengio, Anthony Robert Poggioli, Lydéric Bocquet
Self-assembly of protein-made structures
Agnese Curatolo
Like charge attraction in a 1D colloid
Lucas Varela Álvarez

Topic 7: Nonlinear physics

Percolation of hydrogen atoms adsorbed on Cu(100) surfaces: DFT, Monte Carlo and finite size scaling techniques.
Elizabeth del Valle Gómez, Lucía Bernardita Avalle, María Cecilia Gimenez
Energy spectra and anisotropy of superfluid He-4 turbulence
Dmytro Khomenko
Dynamics of a Descartes diver subject to a forcing in a stratified medium
Benjamin Castillo Morales, Sergio Hernández Zapata, Gerardo Ruiz Chavarria, Patrice Le Gal
Granular dampers: Effect of the enclosure dimensions on their dynamical and dissipative properties
María Victoria Ferreyra, Mauro Baldini, Stéphane Job, Luis Ariel Pugnaloni
Patterns in the von Karman swirling flow for low and moderate Reynolds numbers
Alan Josue Gutierrez Castillo, Gerardo Ruiz Chavarria
Gerardo RUIZ CHAVARRIA, Jorge Luis Reyes de la Cruz, Sergio Hernandez Zapata
Anomaluous energy transport in an anharmonic chain. Simulation and comparison with fluctuating hydrodynamic theory
Roberto Antonio Barreto, María Florencia Carusela, Alejandro Gabriel Monastra
Preferential concentration of heavy particles under the effect of gravity in isotropic and homogeneous turbulence
Florencia Falkinhoff, Pablo D. Mininni
Coexistence of acoustic waves and turbulence in low Mach number compressible flows
Joan Cerretani, Pablo Dmitruk
Lagrangian particle dynamics in anisotropic turbulence
Sofía Angriman, Pablo Mininni, Pablo Cobelli
Discrete integration of the KPZ equation in d>1.
Marcos Fernando Torres Rasmussen, Rubén Carlos Buceta
Non-linear dynamics of tensor modes in fluctuating real relativistic fluids
Nahuel Miron Granese, Alejandra Kandus, Esteban Calzetta
Inversion of a large semi-empirical dynamical systems model provides mechanistic insights for regional brain activity changes measured during loss of consciousness
Ignacio Martin Perez Ipiña, Enzo Rodolfo Tagliazucchi, Yonatan Sanz Perl, Helmut Laufs
Asymptotic Dynamics of the Damped Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
Leonardo Souto Ferreira, Lucas Nicolao
Probability of capture into bistable dynamical states in a Josephson oscillator: The classical and quantum Arnold scenarios
Chang Sub Kim, Dmitrii Pashin, Arkady Satanin
Energy cascade in internal wave attractors"
Thierry Dauxois
Statistical physics of spontaneous synchronization: Nonequilibrium aspects
Shamik Gupta
Thermodynamics of Discrete Nonlinear Systems
Uri Levy
Dipole reversals and 1/f noise in resistive MHD spherical dynamos
Mauro Fontana, Pablo D Mininni, Pablo Dmitruk
The Three-Meter Model of the Earth’s Core: Increasing Helicity Toward Achieving Dynamo Action.
Ruben Rojas, Artur Perevalov, Daniel Lathrop
Invariant manifolds in stratified turbulence
Nicolás Eduardo Sujovolsky, Gabriel Bernardo Mindlin, Pablo Daniel Mininni
Synchronizing turbulence via nudging
Patricio Clark Di Leoni, Andrea Mazzino, Luca Biferale
Dynamical freezing of relaxation to equilibrium
Paolo Politi, Stefano Iubini, Liviu Chirondojan, Gian-Luca Oppo, Antonio Politi
Non-Kolmogorov self-similarity for relative velocity between two Lagrangian particles in two-dimensional inverse energy-cascade turbulence
Tatsuro Kishi, Takeshi Matsumoto, Sadayoshi Toh
Experiments in the subcritical transition to the turbulence in shear flows
José Eduardo WESFREID, Tao Liu, Lukasz Klotz, Benoit Semin
Dimensional coupling induced current reversal in two-dimensional driven lattices
Aritra K. Mukhopadhyay
Compressible turbulence in Earth's magnetosheath: energy cascade rate from the MHD to the ion-scales
Nahuel Andres
Evidence of a Critical Phase Transition in Purely Temporal Dynamics with Long-Delayed Feedback
Francesco Ginelli, Marco Faggian, Francesco Marino, Giovanni Giacomelli
Experimental evidence of hydrodynamic instantons: The universal route to rogue waves
Giovanni Dematteis
Bistability of a simple pendulum in turbulent flow
Mickaël Bourgoin, Nicolas Bourgoin, Ariane Gayout
Renormalized analytic solution for the enstrophy cascade in two-dimensional quantum turbulence
Andrew Forrester, Han-Ching Chu, Gary Williams
Front propagation transition induced by diffraction in a liquid crystal light valve
Alejandro José Alvarez-Socorro
Universal properties of the spatiotemporally chaotic state of the one-dimensional Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
Dipankar Roy, Rahul Pandit
Two-amplitudes traveling Chimera in a ring of coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillators system with shift of close neighbors and additional diffusive coupling
Guy Blondeau Soh, Patrick Louodop, Robert Tchitnga, Paul Woafo, Hilda A Cerdeira
Chimera states in an oscillators chain coupled to nearest neighbors
Michel Antonio Ferré
Nonclassical effeccts in the second harmonic generation
Horacio Grinberg
Sergio Hernandez Zapata, Jorge Luis Reyes de la Cruz, Gerardo Ruiz Chavarria
On the stochastic modeling of the spatio-temporal structure of fluid turbulence
Laurent Chevillard, Jason Reneuve
Topological snapshot analysis of the Lorenz convection model's random attractor
Gisela Daniela Charó, Denisse Sciamarella, Mickael Chekroun, Michael Ghil
Mean Field Control and Disorder for Efficient Mixing of Energy Loads
David Métivier, Michael Chertkov
Predicting extreme solar flares using an avalanche anisotropic model
Laura Fernanda Morales
Optimal sub-grid-scale models for inertial range turbulence
Luca Biferale
Chimera states in coupled map lattices: Spatiotemporally intermittent behavior and an equivalent cellular automaton
Neelima M Gupte, Joydeep Singha
Fragmentation and survival of single species populations
Celia Anteneodo
Generalized synchrony as constrained dynamics
Ram Ramaswamy
Linear Response Theory of Turbulence
Yukio Kaneda
Dynamics modulates antibiotic sensitivity in coupled bacterial populations
Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo

Topic 8: Interdisciplinary and complex systems

Phase transition in a similarity-based model.
Sebastián Pinto, Claudio Tessone, Pablo Balenzuela
Algorithmic bias amplifies opinion polarization: A bounded confidence model
Janos Kertesz, Alina Sirbu, Fosca Gianotti, Dino Pedreschi
The Fokker-Planck Approach to Complex Spatiotemporal Disordered Systems
Matthias Wächter, Ali Hadjihosseini, Andre Fuchs, Christian Behnken, Mohammad Reza Rahimi Tabar, Joachim Peinke
Acoustic fluidization and remote earthquake triggering
Lucilla de Arcangelis, Eugenio Lippiello, Massimo Pica Ciamarra
Complex Contagion: Heterogeneous adoptability, competition, and compatibility
Byungjoon Min, Maxi San Miguel
From networks to networks-of-networks
Javier M. Buldú
A scenario for endogenous liquidity crises in financial markets
Antoine FOSSET, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Michael Benzaquen
Combinatorially structured patterns in neural networks
Marc Mezard
Will a large economy be stable?
José Moran, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud
Adaptive consumer-resource models can explain diauxic shifts and the violation of the Competitive Exclusion Principle
Samir Suweis, Leonardo Pacciani Mori, Amos Maritan
Threshold cascade dynamics in signed networks and hidden complexity
Sungmin Lee, Kwang-Il Goh
Functional Domains in Proteins
Nivedita Deo
Discriminative and generative machine learning for spin systems based on physically interpretable features
Corneel Casert, Kyle Mills, Jannes Nys, Jan Ryckebusch, Isaac Tamblyn, Tom Vieijra
Prediction of tipping points in hierarchical and climate networks: Microtransitions and other precursors
Neelima M Gupte, Anupama Roy, Rupali Sonone
From synchronization to intermittent growth: Smoldering fires as laboratory for complexity research
Vidar Frette
Prophylaxis driven by risk may cause oscillations in SIS like diseases
Benjamin Steinegger, Alex Arenas, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, Clara Granell
Analytical results for the outlier eigenpair of oriented random networks and the stability of complex systems
Fernando Metz, Izaak Neri
Griffiths phases and disorder effects on modular networks
Wesley Cota, Géza Ódor, Silvio C. Ferreira
On bond percolation and sizes of connected components in random coloured graphs
Ivan Kryven
Restricted Boltzmann Machines for lossy data
Giancarlo Fissore, Aurélien Decelle, Cyril Furtlehner
News sentiment analysis in the US and Japan using deep learning methods
Wataru Souma, Irena Vodenska, Hideaki Aoyama
Statistical mechanics of maximally informative representations
Matteo Marsili
Statistical mechanics approach to topological learning
Tomaso Aste
Landau-Ginzburg theory of cortical networks
Miguel A Muñoz, Raffaella Burioni, Serena di Santo, Pablo Villegas
Revealing the entropic character of nestedness.
Payrato Borras Claudia, Laura Hernandez, Moreno Vega Yamir
Effects of heterogeneous social interactions on flocking dynamics
Romualdo Pastor-Satorras, M. Carmen Miguel
Effects of speed in flocking dynamics
M.-Carmen Miguel, Julia Múgica, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras
Multiple equilibria dynamics of cryptoassets: evolution of adoption and expected returns
Silvia Bartolucci, Andrei Kirilenko
Statistical sygnatures of emergence of world cryptocurrency mature market
Stanisław Drożdż
Synchronization invariance under network transformations and link removals
Lluís Arola Fernández, Albert Díaz-Guilera, Alex Arenas
Critical dynamics of active and quiescent phases in brain activity across the sleep-wake cycle
Fabrizio Lombardi, Plamen Ivanov, Jilin Wang, Xiyun Zhang
Self-organized criticality versus percolation in power-grids and in the Motter and Lai model
Sergey V buldyrev, Gabriel A Cwilich
Specific statistical properties of the strength of links and nodes: Estonian network of payments
Stephanie Rendón de la Torre
From finite size corrections to Hamiltonian formulations in stochastic epidemic models
Alexandre Souto Martinez, Gilberto Medeiros Nakamura, George Cunha Cardoso
Mixing innovative and imitative dynamics in evolutionary games
Marco Antonio Amaral, Marco Alberto Javarone
Maximum-entropy approach to the 1D Traffic Cellular Automata behavior
Ernesto Hernández-Zapata, Alejandro Salcido, Susana Carreón-Sierra
Quantifying time-dependent Media Agenda and Public Opinion by topic modeling
Pablo Balenzuela, Sebastián Pinto, Federico Albanese
Wealth Distribution Models with Economic Policies: Dynamics and Equilibria
Ben-Hur Francisco Cardoso, Sebastián Gonçalves, José Roberto Iglesias
Statistical properties of model kinship networks
Damián H. Zanette
Multilayer networks: Structure and Function
Ginestra Bianconi
A theoretical fundamental diagram in traffic flow
Alma R. Méndez
Learning Complex Network Representations
Luis G. Moyano
Multistable remote synchronization in a star-like network of non-identical oscillators
Juliana Lacerda, Celso Freitas, Elbert E N Macau
A thermodynamically consistent model of universal computation
Dominique Chu
Modeling Nonlinear Brain Dynamics with van der Pol Oscillators and Deep Recurrent Networks
Germán Abrevaya, Aleksandr Aravkin, Guillermo A. Cecchi, Irina Rish, Silvina Ponce Dawson, Peng Zheng, James Kozloski, Pablo Polosecki
Modified Axelrod model with cultural inertia on complex networks.
Yup Kim, Junyoung Choi, Soon Hyung Yook
Networks Science & Football: The hidden structure of Guardiola’s Barcelona
Javier M. Buldú, Xavier Busquets, Ignacio Echegoyen, David Garrido, F Seirul.lo
On the emergence of Zipf's law in music
Juan Ignacio Perotti, Orlando Billoni
Stochastic Modeling of Flow Through Complex Geometries
Binan Gu, Dylan Renaud, Lou Kondic, Linda Cummings
Stochastic Resonance in an opinion model: influence of the lattice.
María Cecilia Gimenez, Ana Pamela Paz García, Luis Reinaudi
Detection and Analysis of Long-Range Degree Correlations in Complex Networks
Yuka Fujiki, Kousuke Yakubo
Comparative seismological risk zones by means of information theory and Shannon entropy
Eugenio E. Vogel, Felipe G. Brevis, Denisse Pasten, Víctot Muñoz, Rodrigo A. Miranda, Abraham C.-L Chian
Self-Organized Criticality of a Neural Model in Complex Neural Networks
Jae Woo Lee, Nam Jeong, Anh Quang Le
Griffiths Phases of Quenched Contact Process in a Directed Complex Networks
Jae Woo Lee, Anh Quang Le, Nam Jung
Percolation of defective dimers irreversibly deposited on honeycomb, square and triangular lattices
Paulo Marcelo Centres, Maria C Gimenez, Antonio J Ramirez-Pastor
Waves of desertification in a competitive ecosystem
Y. Carolina Daza C., M. Fabiana Laguna, J. Adrián Monjeau, Guillermo Abramson
Percolation of aligned rigid rods on square and triangular lattices
Pablo Longone, Paulo Marcelo Centres, Antonio J Ramirez-Pastor
Models and experiments on pedestrian evacuation
Marcelo N Kuperman, Sebastián Bouzat
Statistical Analysis of an Opinion Formation Model Presenting a Spontaneous Third Position Emergence
Jorge Alberto Revelli, Marcos Enrique Gaudiano
An Entropical Characterization for Complex Systems Becoming out of Control
Marcos Enrique Gaudiano
An exactly solvable model of Restricted Boltzmann Machine
Aurélien Decelle, Giancarlo Fissore, Cyril Furtlehner
Financial stylized facts emerge from a system of elongated self-propelled particles
German Agustin Patterson, Daniel Ricardo Parisi
Analysis of a replicator-mutator based competitive duopoly model with delays in advertising effects
Walter Aliaga, Amit Bhaya
Role of noise in the switching dynamics of memristors
Nikolay Agudov, Angelo Carollo, Alexander Dubkov, Alexey Safonov, Alexey Krichigin, Bernardo Spagnolo
The Vaccination Dilemma - A Mean Field Analysis
Benjamin Steinegger, Alessio Cardillo, Paolo De Los Rios, Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes, Alex Arenas
Jamming and percolation of cubes and tiles on simple cubic lattices
Paulo Marcelo Centres, A. C. Buchini Labayen, Antonio J Ramirez-Pastor, P. M. Pasinetti
Inverse percolation by removing extended objects from two-dimensional lattices
Lucía Soledad Ramirez, Paulo Marcelo Centres, Antonio J Ramirez-Pastor
Using game theory approach to analyze the emergence of corruption in the in contracting by the public administration:  The role of interaction groups size, public employees’ wages and control capacity by the state
Pablo Javier Valverde, Jaime Estuardo Fernández, Edwin Vladimir Buenaño, Juan Carlos González-Avella
Fear contagion situations in the context of the Social Force Model
Fernando Ezequiel Cornes, Guillermo Alberto Frank, Claudio Oscar Dorso
Prediction of Ethanol Crystal Structures using Steady State Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks in the Open Science Grid
Gabriel Ignacio Pagola, Albert M. Lund, Anita M. Orendt, Marta Beatriz Ferraro, Julio Cesar Facelli
Liquid-Solid fluidized bed CFD-DEM simulation and validation by Radioactive Particle Tracking
Mauricio Maestri, Gabriel Salierno, Julia Picabea, Miryan Cassanello, Maria Angelica Cardona, Daniel Hojman, Hector Somacal
Structural and temporal scale-invariance of proteins native state derived from molecular dynamics simulations
Lucía Fabio, Eliana Karina Asciutto, Ignacio Jose General, Dante Renato Chialvo
Phase transition induced by path occupation on communication networks.
Santiago Basañes, Manuel Saenz, Federico Holik
Jamming and percolation in anisotropic RSA of straight rigid rods on a 2D triangular lattice
Ernesto Jesús Perino, Daniel A. Matoz-Fernandez, Pedro Marcelo Pasinetti, Antonio José Ramirez-Pastor
Jamming of dimers on d-dimensional substrates
Pedro Marcelo Pasinetti, Paulo Marcelo Centres, Antonio José Ramirez-Pastor
Inevitable Fragility of Hierarchical Networks against Random Node Failures
Takehisa Hasegawa, Tomoaki Nogawa
Degree correlations of percolating clusters in random networks
Shogo Mizutaka
Effects of phenonlogy on the biodiversity persistence of plant-pollinator networks.
Payrato Borras Claudia, Gracia Lazaro Carlos, Laura Hernandez, Moreno Vega Yamir
Infection front propagation roughness of a spatial explicit SIR model on a random surface
Karina F. Laneri, Alejandro B. Kolton
Spatio-temporal dengue model with social interaction: humans, mosquitoes, virus and environment
Karina Laneri, Fabiana Laguna
Memory processes in systems with Zipf-Pareto distributions
Ana Laura Schaigorodsky, Juan Ignacio Perotti, Nahuel Almeira, Orlando Vito Billoni
Blume-Emery-Griffiths model in a Bethe lattice with interaction between first and second neighbors
Tadeu Emanuel Scalvin, Anthony João Bet, Marcelo Henrique Romano Tragtenberg, Lucas Nicolao
Higher order correlations in non-stationary visually evoked gamma oscillations
Fernando Montani, Roman Baravalle, Adeeti Aggarwal, Guillermo Cecchi, Connor Brennan, Diego Contreras, Max Kelz, Alexander Proekt
Quantifying the complexity of the mechanisms that might lead to sleep disorders in Down syndrome mices
Román Baravalle, Matteo Falappa, Valter Tucci, Laura Cancedda, Maria Bolla, Fernando Montani
Anticipated and delayed synchronization: network strength quantification
Román Baravalle, Fernando Montani
Graph Theory tools for characterize Motor/Imaginary Movements in EEG
Román Baravalle, Natali Guisande, Mauro Granado, Osvaldo A. Rosso, Fernando Montani
Brain anatomical connectivity in offspring of patients with Alzheimer’s Disease through graph theory
Stella Maris Sanchez, Gabriela De Pino, Hernan Bocaccio, Mariana Castro, Barbara Duarte-Abritta, Carolina Abulafia, Salvador Guinjoan, Mirta Villarreal
First-order transition resulting from asymmetric input distribution in a neuron population model
Román Baravalle, Fernando Montani
Critical fluctuations in complex networks
Lluís Arola Fernández, Alex Arenas
Maximum Entropy Triangle Model
Fabian Aguirre Lopez, Anthonius Coolen
Phase diagram and metastable states of the Ising model on interacting networks
Maíra Angélica Bolfe, Fernando Lucas Metz, Lucas Nicolao
Peak-End Memory: An Extension to Asymmetric Choices
Evangelos Mitsokapas, Rosemary J. Harris
Damage in a neuronal population and information transmission
Natali Guisande, Roman Baravalle, Fernando Montani
Quantification of high frequency oscillations in preictal dynamic states
Mauro Granado, Roman Baravalle, Fernando Montani
Mutability and Shannon entropy applied to the seismicity of northern Chile.
Felipe Eduardo Garrido Brevis
Scaling properties of normal intracranial electroencephalographic activity
Marcelo Arlego, Ezequiel Mikulan, Juan Martin Tenti
Detection of Discrete Scale Invariance in Self-Organized Criticality Systems
Andre Luis Brito Querino, Adriano Mesquita Alencar
Manifold boundaries give grey-box models of complex systems
Mark K Transtrum
Threshold q-voter opinion dynamics
Allan Rodrigues Vieira, Celia Anteneodo
Statistical analysis of text
Diego Leonardo Espitia, Hernán Larralde Ridaura
Avalanches of brain co-activation during sleep and wakefulness
Hernan Bocaccio, Stella Maris Sánchez, Gabriela De Pino, Mariana Nair Castro, Helmut Laufs, Mirta Villarreal, Enzo Tagliazucchi
Granular mixing: influence of a constriction in a horizontal oscillating system
Nicolas Even, Baptiste Perrelle, Marcelo Fabián Piva, Stéphane Job, Maria Alejandra Aguirre
Relaxation towards equilibrium of disks with non-uniform mass subjected to vertical tapping.
Fabricio Éric Fernández, Marcelo Fabián Piva, Jean-Christophe Géminard, Maria Alejandra Aguirre
Granular flow through an aperture: influence of obstacles inside the bin.
Maria Alejandra Aguirre, María Gala Areán
The R-Packages network: Structure, temporal evolution and assistance for users
Ariel Olaf Salgado, Andrés Farall, Inés Caridi
Real ingredients in the Schelling segregation model
Victoria Arcon, Juan Pablo Pinasco, Ines Caridi
Empirical determination of the optimum attack for fragmentation of modular networks
Carolina de Abreu Pereira, Sebastián Gonçalves, Bruno Requião da Cunha
Analyzing Binary Data: Is your Model Really Pairwise?
Clelia de Mulatier, Paolo Mazza, Matteo Marsili
Stabilization by seasonal wind change on isolated longitudinal sand dunes
Sachi Nakano, Hiizu Nakanishi, Hiraku Nishimori
Information spreading in active matter
demian levis
Clogging a Porous Media
Hansjoerg Seybold, Izael A Lima, Ascanio Dias Araújo
Dynamic Modular Networks Model Mediated by Confinement
Two universality classes of the Ziff-Gulari-Barshad model with CO desorption via time-dependent Monte Carlo simulations
Henrique Almeida Fernandes, Roberto da Silva, Alinne Borges Bernardi
Evidence that criticality can make human cooperative groups more resistant to invasions
Daniele Vilone, John Realpe-Gómez, Giulia Andrighetto
Machine-learning complex systems from their dynamical fingerprints
Jean-Charles Delvenne
Mean Field Games and Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
Thierry Gobron
Universal law for distribution of records
Jaan Kalda
Trade-offs between cost and precision and their impact on the aging of dynamical systems
Maximilian Voit, Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns
Attacks on high-betweenness nodes induce abrupt percolation transitions on random networks
Nahuel Almeira, Orlando Vito Billoni, Juan Ignacio Perotti
Can Neural-Networks learn a Gauge symmetry ?
Aurélien Decelle, Luis Antonio Fernandez, Victor Martin-Mayor, Beatriz Seoane
Study on Evolutions of Walnut Structure in Japanese Production Network
Hiromitsu Goto, Yuji Fujita, Wataru Souma
Spatial and Network Effects in Distributed System Design
Andrei A. Klishin, David J. Singer, Greg van Anders
Spreading of disease and information at different speeds in multiplex networks
Fatima Velasquez-Rojas, Paulo Cesar Ventura Da Silva, Colm Connaughton, Yamir Moreno, Francisco A. Rodrigues, Federico Vazquez
Uncovering the behavior of quantum annealers with physics-inspired statistical learning
Andrey Lokhov, Yaroslav Kharkov, Carleton Coffrin, Marc Vuffray
Interacting opinion and disease dynamics in multiplex networks: Discontinuous phase transition and nonmonotonic consensus times
Federico Vazquez, Fátima Velásquez-Rojas
Improving bus flow in a Bus Rapid Transit system: an approach based on cellular automata simulations and genetic algorithms
Miguel Angel Uribe-Laverde, William Fernando Oquendo Patiño
Spectral renormalization group on non-metric spaces
Ayse Erzan, Aslı Tuncer
Sloppy models, differential geometry, and the space of model predictions
James P Sethna
Theory of Optimal Learning Machines
Matteo Marsili
Quantifying echo chamber effects in information spreading over political communication networks
Wesley Cota, Silvio C Ferreira, Romualdo Pastor-Satorras, Michele Starnini
Enhancement of the perception range in interconnected two-layered random networks
Laura Antonia Barth Martinez, Dr. Marcelo Henrique Romano Tragtenberg
Novel Stationary Solution on Non-Equilibrium System of Coupled Oscillators
Kevin Liu Rodrigues
Application of Locality Preserving Projection in Molecular Fingerprints
Takaaki Ohnishi
A SIS model with opinion dynamics
Carlo Giambiagi Ferrari
A SIS model with propagation of conducts
Juan Pablo Pinasco, Carlo Ferrari, Natalia Kontorovich, Nicolas Saintier

Plenary talks

Machine learning and molecular dynamics
Michele Parrinello
Effective equations in complex systems: from Langevin to machine learning
Angelo Vulpiani
The 1+1 dimensional Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation: more surprises
Herbert Spohn
Topology and Dynamics in Active Matter
Cristina Marchetti
The physics of epidemic spreading
Alex Arenas
Fragile Matter
Bulbul Chakraborty
Quantum algorithms for sampling the work distribution for a non equilibrium quantum system: theory and experiment
Juan Pablo Paz
Physics of glasses becomes quantitative
Jorge Kurchan
Entropic bonds, fluid-fluid transitions, identity crises and topological order in hard particle systems
Sharon Cindy Glotzer
Structural origin of slow glassy dynamics and glass-forming ability
Hajime Tanaka
A fresh look on the Phi^4 model
Martin Hairer